Bankruptcy law is legislation designed to give relief to those people who can no longer manage their financial affairs and debts. For example, when going into business, especially if the company fails, you must declare bankruptcy. Even individuals can need this kind of relief if they have debts that exceed their assets.

Bankruptcy law can provide you with a fresh financial start, helping to give you back your life and clear debts.

Freire & Gonzalez Bankruptcy lawyers are attorneys specializing in bankruptcy laws. They understand the various types of bankruptcy and the processes involved and the details of filing for bankruptcy. These lawyers help you make informed decisions about your future after a declaration of bankruptcy. In many cases, they will provide you with valuable legal advice as to how to handle creditors and negotiate lower interest rates, as well as fight creditors’ claims if necessary. Bankruptcy lawyers in Miami fl can also help maximize your claim and save you the most money possible.

What Do Bankruptcy Lawyers Offer?

Bankruptcy lawyers can provide valuable assistance and advice in all phases of the bankruptcy process. According to your state’s laws, they will review your case to see if you are eligible for bankruptcy and advise you on which type of proceeding will most benefit you. For instance, if you file under Chapter 7, they can draft all relevant documents, provide filing instructions for creditors and notify them about the proceedings.

Types of Lawyers That Deal With Bankruptcy Cases

There are three types of bankruptcy proceedings: liquidation, reorganization, and rehabilitation. Bankruptcy law provides for a type of procedure called liquidation. During this kind of bankruptcy, a trustee will manage the assets and sell them to pay creditors.

In the case of reorganization, a court-appointed trustee will take over and establish a plan to pay off creditors and debts with the available assets. Creditors holding secured claims are paid in full or given new terms for repayment. Therefore, Under Chapter 11, an individual debtor may keep possession of his property while paying back creditors over time through a court-approved repayment plan.

The rehabilitation process is for individuals and businesses with poor credit records but the assets and income to repay creditors in full or pay back debts in installments. During this kind of bankruptcy, the debtor will agree with creditors on how much money he can afford to repay them per month until the entire debt settlement is complete.

How Do You Hire a Lawyer and Choose the Best One for Your Case?

Before hiring a bankruptcy attorney, make sure that they specialize in bankruptcy law and are certified to practice before the Federal Courts. In addition, it’s advisable to look for an experienced lawyer with good references. You can also ask about his fee.

Freire & Gonzalez is an attorney’s office where the attorneys are involved with their clients from beginning to end. You, as the client, will not be passed off to secretaries or paralegals like at other bankruptcy law firms. The attorneys will meet with you, will return your phone calls, and will answer your questions. We provide services in English and Spanish.

Our lawyers will answer any bankruptcy questions you might have during the free consultation. To request a free consultation, please contact us at 305-826-1774. Please browse through our website, read our bankruptcy FAQ, and see if our firm can help you resolve your financial issues.  Contact Us at our locations:

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