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  The Law Firm of Freire & Gonzalez, P.A., was established in 1998 by Edward Freire and Laila S. Gonzalez, two attorneys, dedicated to representing individuals that need professional help with financial issues. The Firm serves clients in Florida, Ohio & Northern Kentucky. The attorneys and legal assistants in our office will help you in Spanish or English, whichever you prefer.

Bankruptcy Attorneys

Making the decision to file bankruptcy has nothing to do with shame and has everything to do with taking control of your life. Considering your bankruptcy options is the first step to regaining control of your finances and of your life. In our many years as bankruptcy attorneys, we have seen what money concerns do to people. Some of our clients cry. Some of them tell us they can’t sleep at night. They don’t know what to do to begin digging themselves out of the financial difficulties they have fallen into. Your problems are not going to go away unless you take the necessary steps to resolve them. Don’t be afraid of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is often misunderstood. Your credit is not ruined forever. You will be surprised how quickly you are back on your financial feet. Creditors are in the business of loaning money and will advance you credit before you know it. We have had many clients thank us and tell us that bankruptcy was just what they needed. They are now well on their way to financial stability. They are finally able to sleep peacefully at night. They can pick up the telephone without worrying a creditor is on the line. You should think of bankruptcy as the permanent cure to your current financial ailments. Our free consultation will cover whether or not bankruptcy is the right decision for you.

Each and every case is unique. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you successfully through the bankruptcy process. We are the bankruptcy attorneys that other bankruptcy attorneys turn to when their cases are too complicated. Other bankruptcy attorneys have confidence in us, and so can you. Don’t assume that bankruptcy can’t help you. See our frequently asked questions section.

Also, take advantage of our knowledge and experience with a free consultation, because what you don’t know about bankruptcy may cost you.

Freire & Gonzalez is an attorney’s office where the attorneys are involved with their clients from beginning to end. You, as the client, will not be passed off to secretaries or paralegals like at other bankruptcy law firms. The attorneys will meet with you, will return your phone calls, and will answer your questions. We provide services in English and Spanish.

Freire & Gonzalez believe that only by truly listening to a client’s concerns, problems, or fears, can an effective solution to the problem be found. Our office will provide you not only the first consultation free but as many as you need in order to make a decision as important as whether or not to declare bankruptcy.

We strive to be a hands-on law firm. As a result of that hands-on philosophy and our experience, you can be confident that we will guide you through your legal or financial difficulties.

Our lawyers will answer any bankruptcy question you might have during the free consultation. To request a free consultation, please call us at 305-826-1774 . Please browse through our website, read our bankruptcy FAQ and see if our firm can help you resolve your financial issues.

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Freirie and Gonzalez, P.A.

The Law Firm of Freire & Gonzalez, P.A., was established in 1998 by two attorneys dedicated to representing people that need professional help with financial issues. The attorneys and legal assistants in our office will help you in Spanish or English, whichever you prefer, and with respect, because you deserve it.


(305) 826-1774

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