Life after Bankruptcy – Tips for Rebuilding Your Credit

Our clients decide to file for bankruptcy. The question: “When will I be able to have credit again?” always comes up. In most cases, your credit score remains low or unchanged until you receive your discharge.  Once that happens, the following are ways that you can check on your score and work toward improving your credit score:

Review your Credit Report

We suggest waiting a month and then pulling your credit report from a credible free site, such as Assure bankruptcy debts are marked correctly and/or labeled as discharged and reflect a zero balance owed.  Be sure to dispute any incorrect information directly with the credit bureau and provide copies of any requested information.

Open a Secured Credit Card

Many Lenders now offer secured credit cards, which give you, the borrower, access to a credit line.  The credit line secured by a security deposit is given to the Lender by you.  For example, approved for a line of credit of $400.00. make a deposit equal to that amount  Research credit cards to make sure they are a fit. Only consider those that will be reporting all of your timely payments to all three of the major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and Transunion) and that any fees or interest charges associated with the card are low.  Secure the credit card. Use the card to cover small purchases, i.e., groceries or gas.  The goal is to be sure that the remaining balance is as low as possible when compared to the amount of available credit.  That will help you ensure that your credit report receives positive remarks, which should translate into an increase in your overall credit score.



Keep a Close Eye on Your Progress

In general, it is very important to keep a close eye on your credit report – it can change quickly and often.  However, ensure that all of your hard work rebuilding your credit is paying off. Verify that all of your reported payments.


check your recorded payments.

In the end having a positive payment history – low balances and timely payments – is the key to rebuilding, improving and maintaining your creditworthiness after bankruptcy.

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